Go to Hell

by Young Satan In Love

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Field recordings from the long way down.


released August 7, 2018

Words by Young Satan (additional words by Headmaster Flashback on Valhalla)
Music by Young Satan, Headmaster Flashback, Lil' Leviathan, Pazuzu, and Hecubus

The players:

Young Satan: voice, guitar
Headmaster Flashback: voice, keys
Lil Leviathan: guitars, bass, drums
Pazuzu: bass, keys
Hecubus: drums, voice, keys
Daniel Flames: keys
Dusty: voice
420 BC: voice

Shrimp Ring appear courtesy of Dubious Judgement Enterprises
Captain Peaking and Jesus courtesy of Goofball Airways

Recorded by Jesus (All in the Mind Studio) and Daniel Flames
Mixed by Daniel Flames
Produced by Daniel Flames and Young Satan

Cover photography by Nicole Boudreau
Design by Young Satan and CC

Thank you's in no particular order to: Celine, Gill, Liz, Nicole, Miss Tickle, Pleasures & Treasures, Saint John, F. Chris, Skinner, Kelley, Bibles for Missions, JE, Claude's House, Shrimp Ring, Motherhood, Subtle, Butcher, Sheik, Little You Little Me, Peter and QBP, Flourish, Penny, Brydon, Dan, Will, Maggie, Brendan, Riley, Great Gusto, The Kernel, Fergus and the Capital, Tim and Raynemaker, Scoop and Save, Maple Leaf / Schneider / No Name, Dab el-Dooyah and Tanya, Ashley, all the Cams, all the Dylans, Nat, Tony's, Celine Dion, Cayouche, Ye.

Oh, it's well to live high as you can, my boy
Wherever you happen to roam
But it's better to have enough bacon and beans
To take the poor wanderers home

-Albert Bigelow Payne




Young Satan In Love Fredericton, New Brunswick

A litmus test for devotion to strange notions. Puts your hands together, pulls them apart.

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Track Name: Go to Hell
Happy go luck ain't so lucky anymore
Many thought they'd go H.A.M., but they just got off soar
Couldn't carry a smile upon a selfie stick
You've been rolled like a Rick, right up the Astley quick
It's not our place here, I can tell.
Yonder, a unicorn is pissing in a wishing well

If you're wired for lascivious bonhomie
Mired deep in your creep, another cheap grip tease
Ain't you tired of chickens and chimpanzees
Bock bock bock, ooo, ooo, ooo
Banana point and squeeze
Why don't we go where we belong,
Throw wide the gates of fire
While the band breaks into song

Why don't we go to hell?
Track Name: Ballad of Jim Beam (feat. Dusty)
I look like the enemy, I talk like the enemy
So that the enemy don't see me coming for him, baby
I don't get stopped, they wave me through
Helps when your eyes are Devil blue

Don't look at me like that, I'll burst into flames
Keep your head forward 'til we all board the plane
If losing's your thing, then we'll win when we wane.
Then I'll burst into flames and they'll forfeit the game

I want to burn shit, that's about it.
It's my game.
Track Name: Viral Sensation
Girl, I want you back but that's just because I'm insecure
I just need a crack at being the man I never was before
Now I got a fool-proof plan and it sure won't make you sore
Gonna light a fire on Tinder like the king of the man-whores
I'm a viral sensation

Yo, baby, yo-yo, baby
Gotta keep it tight, swipe it right
Gonna swipe it right with all my might
That's a lotta heft, swipe it left
Yo baby, yo-yo, baby

If you're heart breaks then you know
You are the star of your own show
This would look great on video
Take centre stage, let the tears flow

I'm a viral sensation in a sheep fucking nation

If I could take back cruelty and give you wings
If I could tape that phone to your forehead
I'd be a viral sensation, sheep fucking nation
Track Name: Valhalla (feat. Shrimp Ring)
Because you were made for Valhalla and Valkyries
Beyond the valley of the dolls
But until the Rapture descends there's still cause to pretend we're not
Living through free fall.
Track Name: Datin' Satan
Oh, Lord, it's hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way
I can't wait to look in the mirror, I get better looking each day
Where does my heart beat now?

Well, try as hard as I can and firebomb fantasyland
Alienate who needs the alienatin'
When your datin' Satan

Now that I'm ok with the way girls play, it seems they want to stay
Where before they'd all fly away.

That's what you get when you're datin' Satan.

When you lend him your Celine Dion t-shirt,
He gonna tear off the sleeves and go free style
He gonna bust from the sty and go hog wild
When you're datin' Satan

Now that I'm ok with the way girls play, it seems they want to stay
Where before they'd all fly away.
And I say hey hey hey hey hey hey!

That's what you get when you're datin' Satan
Track Name: Barf Angel (feat. Hecubus)
Barf Angel, you are the only one for me
Track Name: Beef it up
You treat me like a pee-on and you expect me to bow?
Majesty, I'm a horn dog, all I do is bow-wow-wow
I can't say I'm forever but I'm definitely now
So let me show you how to make your love go...pow!

I can't say you're not funny, you're just not funny to me
I want to get so wasted and accomplish something great
And if I crash your party, maybe, baby, I'll be late
And make my date wait in a hepped-up matin' state

Don't pay me with your piddly pesos
I want to be bathed in your hot wet fat besos
In this short order you're my huevos rancheros

You want to beef it up?
Then we can beef it up
We'll grease and cheese it up, skeeze it up, ease it up again

I only have a single wish before I die:
It's to try and try and try and try and never buy.
I drew you in a mural stretched across the sky
Now I whistle through your bristles every time I fly.
Track Name: Crack Pappy
Crazy sees me driving in my pink way-back
Crazy says "S'tan, man, how your love is crack
I can't wait to smoke you in my sugar shack
I'm weightless, waiting on my back"

Earthlings, you're crazy
Look mom, I'm on TV!
And though they've made an ass out of me
I'm a happy crack pappy

For seven measly dollars I could give you abs
But it won't mean whack if you're a slouching schmuck
C'mon now, chin-up, Chuck, this ain't no nip and tuck
You're weightless, so why you give a fuck?

Earthlings, you're crazy
Sending dick picks C.O.D.
OMG, it's a blushing stubby
Set a bird free, Jesus loves thee

Why? He's got good taste, it's plain to see
Now he's buzzing around me like a bumble bee
Because Jesus loves me.

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